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Fools...All fools!!!

I was wrong. Amrozi, Mukhlas and Samudra were not executed today. As much as I was hoping to come home and read about their well deserved execution, I'll now have to blog about their families and some morons in Indonesia.

Here are some news bits from the net...
"There are hundreds of us waiting to come... If Amrozi is executed a thousand more will come," said Abdulrahim, a member of the group led by radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir.
Noel says: It'll be a gathering of a thousand fools! It takes a fool to follow another fool!
A brother of the condemned men, Jafar Shoddiq, made an emotional appeal for support from Muslims everywhere. "All Muslims besides those who support us will come without being invited," he said, before shouting: "Raise your voice... raise your voice to prevent disaster from God."
Noel says: Prevent a disaster from god?! It's one thing to be delusional, but to be a complete retard? This fellow Jafar needs a bloody hard slap!
Mujazzin Marzuki, a leader of Bashir's group, said: "We reject the executions, they are murder."
Noel says: Oh wow! And what they did in Bali wasn't murder?!
Muhammad Chozin, the 52-year-old elder brother of condemned jihadists Amrozi and Mukhlas, told AFP..."The family don't feel burdened by the execution, in fact we're happy because it means God and the prophet have given good news," Chozin said in the Islamic boarding school he runs in this small East Java coastal village.

"If they die because they are standing up for the religion they will be placed in paradise," he said.
Noel says: Someone has got to tell this Chozin fella that he's got everything wrong. They ain't going to paradise. They are going straight to hell!! There ain't no 40 virgin bullshit either!
Another one by dumbass Chozin: "The family isn't angry with the brothers, we don't want to meddle in their affairs. If they totally believe in their cause, then why not?"
Noel says: Well, what about a new cause? Save the Sharks or Save the Damn Rainforest! For example, stop burning the freaking trees! We hate the annual haze in Singapore!!!

I'm sorry if this post offends anyone. I'm just so angry with these morons. I'm darn sure this isn't the teaching of Islam. Whatever is happening there isn't cool. Damn...


  1. Lol! I agree with you Noel. Islam doesn't teach someone to become a terrorist. These evil people are using Islam to fight their war.

    No offence taken ya...

  2. i'm with u here, i think these guys are retards. bloody blind copycats!!

    and no offence taken & given here...

  3. It's people like these who make me very hesitant to tell people I'm Muslim. =(

  4. me too! unfortunately people link islam to terrorists. hope after reading what you blogged, people will understand islam betta. my friend who visits this blog recommended me to read this post. good blog neol n no offence taken.


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