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My interview on Thursday with flash INK Tattoo Magazine (Singapore) went pretty well. I felt right at home with Wayne and Jenn. I bet it’s gonna be a fantastic magazine. I can’t wait to see the mag. You can’t too right? Right right right? You gotta wait though. It’ll be launched at the inaugural Singapore Tattoo Show.

I received a text this morning asking if EZ Tattoo does microdermals. I was like, what the heck is that? Is this a new style of tattooing? So I asked the person what in god’s name is microdermals. The person replied “its surface anchors, very small and inserted under the skin”. I thought to myself, OUCH! Just to confirm...


Let's play a game called spot the microdermal. SLURP!

I’ve never been into body piercing. I’ve got my ears pierced and my nose once but that’s about it. I could never pierce my nipple or tongue. Just the thought alone makes me quiver. Only god knows how a person goes through the pain when they get an insertion or genital piercing. While I’m not into piercing, I do have friends that have gone to the extreme. I respect them and I understand their need to modify god’s gift.

It’s the same with tattoos right? Some people don’t understand why we get tattooed. I don’t know if they are dumb or they plainly don’t wanna except the fact that WE love tattoos. This old woman asked me once, “why do you have so many tattoos?”. I asked her “why do you have so many gold bangles??”. It’s the fucking same thing. She loves bangles and I love tattoos. Makes fucking sense doesn’t it?

Aite...enough bitching. I’m going for a smoke. Later folks!

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