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The Microdermal Special

After much research, I now think microdermals are sexy! Watcha think?


  1. haha,i was thinking of one before,but god it will hurt for nuts!its like,screwing a small board into the flesh!

  2. Yea man! I bet it's gonna hurt. No pain no gain right?

  3. yea,well agreed,my nose was already a big thrill man!

  4. haha oh no la.

    i was wondering more along the lines if they would drop off if you bump them accidentally.

    But i realised they are kinda like implanted into you. And i think they're pretty cool... i'm going to ask Jason if he does that!

  5. Heee...if you get this done, I wanna see aite!

  6. to shyanne: err..ok. I'm thinking in a dirty naughty way. Heh!

    to huig: It'll be worth the wait =)


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