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Whats up South-East Asia?

Hey all! I sincerely hope all is well on your end. It sure seems lots is happening around the world, particularly in South-east Asia. Let's just hope the situation improves in Thailand and Malaysia. It ain't cool when the Land of Smiles is in chaos and it sucks when someone goes to the extend of dissing another race. We all know well enough that racial harmony is important. If you don't have that, your country is screwed! That's my opinion anyway...

Recently, I haven't had time to read my favourite blogs. The blogs I read are located on the left after the bunch of advertising banners. I encourage you to visit any of these blogs when you're free. Each is unique and I'm sure it'll be worth the read if you find the right one.

I hate bloggers/people that simply beg for sympathy in every god damn post. I'm sure we all know people like this. Some of you might be unfortunate enough to have them as family members. Heh! I know of one such person that hides behind the computer that whines like a fucking bitch. He makes himself sound like a freaking angel. It's people like this that deserve to be spat at!

The very first Formula One night race is set to happen in Singapore at the end of the month. I know shit about cars and I'm not a fan of motor racing. But if this works for the country, I'm all for it. While on the way to East Coast Park the other night, we drove on the soon-to-be circuit for the F1 cars. Boy was it bright! It literally looked like it noon along Suntec City. Try driving along that road after a round of beers. "Oh it afternoon" followed by "It's night again" with "Damn it! It's afternoon again"...Not a nice feeling people!

Aite...I'm heading to dreamland. Take care and love to all!

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