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Look who turned 5 months old...

My baby Dray turned 5 months old young today. Boy is he growing. Very soon, he'll start crawling and before we know it, he'll be walking around....


  1. neighbour neighbour neighbour...are u carrying Dray in the car WITHOUT a car seat???

    tsk tsk.

  2. hahaha...i KNEW someone wld think tat! =p

    no lah, the car was actually stationary, we were waiting for someone, and took dray out of his seat.

  3. oooo..i so like his baby romper ;) cuteness personified!

    ...and soon he'll be blogging too? haha!

  4. Hey, nice tee! Your son has taste.

    I see that we share common interests. I think we'll get along just fine.

  5. Just checking!!

    I get so angry when I see people driving around with their babies/kids NOT in car seats!


  6. Thanks Alyson! All Dray needs to do is to blog, get tattooed and drink lotsa beer and he'll be just like his dad!

    Lounge Lizard, Dray is just like his daddy. I totally adore boobies!

    Neighbour Neighbour...has the beer expired?

  7. willy!

    you wait till i put him in the "I LOVE HOOTERS" one! heh!


    hannor! some sit in thr FRONT seat some more!
    *smacks head* wah lao eh!

  8. neighbour:
    yes it has, and thats why i had a bbq to mourn. i marinated everything in beer and it was also the preferred beverage of the night! *burp*

    exactly!!! i always wanna go knock on their window and ask, 'isit ur baby die then you happy, you fuckin idiot!'

  9. I'm waiting for the day where I come over and visit and I can go, "Young man, go fetch Uncle Willy and your dad 4 cans of beer from the fridge. Oh yeah, on your way in, empty the ashtray as well."

  10. Hahaha...bloody kotek!!!

    But yeah, that day will come soon. And before you know it, he'll be kicking your ass!


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