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Saints Row 2

First things first, I'd like to wish my dear wife a Happy HAPPY Birthday! She hates turning a year older. Who likes to age anyway right? If given a choice, I'll love to remain 30 for the rest of my life...

On the business side of life, events are slowly coming in for the Tattoo Boutique. I love working events. Time flies when you're working your ass off! Next month, I'll be airbrushing at THQ's Saints Row 2 Singapore launch party. I'll be on a luxury yacht for four hours doing what I do best. Life is sweet!

I've seen the trailer for Saints Row 2 and it looks awesome folks! It's got tattoos, character and the graphics are way cool. There's this babe in the game too. She's freaking hot I tell ya!

I'm heading out for a bit. Ya'll have a good Monday!

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