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India to the Esplanade

I've never really thought we'd quite enjoy Little India as much as we did today. Together with Barry and Christine (friends from the United Kingdom), Ann and I made our way to Little India. I was like a freaking tourist I tell ya! Minus the camera hanging around my neck of course. Which would explain why there aren't any pictures in this post.

Anyhow, we spent a good four hours walking, sight seeing and had some really good Indian food. The thosai and chapati at Sakunthala's Food Palace rocks! I love thosai and thosai isn't quite thosai unless it comes with the proper sidedishes. Normally chutney and molagai podi. I hate joints that serve curry with their thosai. It's like serving a pizza without cheese or the tomato base sauce!!

Well, Sakunthala's Food Palace serves their thosai with everything you need to have a good decent meal. The thing that amazed me the most is how attentive and informed their staff are. When they served my chapati, the server kindly explained what each side dish was. All I can say is that the service is EXCELLENT!

Let's talk about more food shall we? I ate at Fish & Co for the first time last night. Being Ann's birthday and all, she begged and clawed till I agreed that we'll go to their restaurant at The Glass House. All in all, I like the food and the service. Their grilled calamari is orgasmic!

After Fish & Co, we hopped on the train and we ended up at Gluttons Bay at the Esplanade. The last time I was there, the beer was bloody expensive. It sure looks like the management has woken up and a can of Tiger Beer now sells at SGD$4.50. Wooohoooo!!! I'm one happy man!

I'm gonna wrap up this post. Take care and I'll see you tomorrow right here at the Tattooed Blog!

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