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Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore!

As a father, there is no other place I want my son to be. I've traveled around South-east Asia in the last few years and I've seen Europe. My conclusion after each trip? Singapore is the one and only home I'll ever have.

I want Drayden to grow up and appreciate everything I've grown to love about this country. The love I have for this country wasn't developed over night. No sirree! The love grew over the years. It's like a love relationship. The older it gets, the more golden it becomes.

In all honesty, there are things I am unhappy about. It's small issues that I grumble about from time to time. Like the ever increasing cost of cigarettes in Singapore. For those that don't smoke and aren't from Singapore, a pack of Marlboro's now cost SGD$11.70 (US$8.30). There's the humid weather we experience over here as well. It gets bloody hot on some days. Not forgetting how self centered and unfriendly some Singaporeans are. Like I said, these are small issues and I love to grumble. =)

Ultimately, Singapore is everything a country should be, a home to me and 4.59 million other Singaporeans.

Happy Birthday Singapore!

From the Tattooed Blogger, Noel Desmond Boyd.


  1. Agreed with what you have to say. :)

    I'm proud to be Singaporean, and proud of my country. (erm even though i missed the parade today...)

    There are some small things that i find annoying in Singapore like what you said. Yet at the same time, we shouldn't forget all the things we shouldbe proud of as Singaporeans; and count our blessings.

    Happy National Day again!!!

  2. B, being self centered and unfriendly, and not to mention lacking basic manners, social grace and courtesy is NOT a small issue.

    its a germ that will grow to infect one after another, and soon what will we become?!

    i'd hate for baby dray to grow up in a country where the pple cares for no one but themselves, forgotten how to say please and thank you, or even hate smiling and saying hello to one another.


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