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A Food Website

I'm considering setting up a food website. It's the next best thing to opening a restaurant. I want the website to be genuine. I'm not saying the rest aren't. I just want it to have a different feel. A website that gives readers an honest review about a place. If a restaurant or stall isn't good enough to be on the list, it won't.

The only problem I have with starting a food website is that the website shouldn't cost too much to start. But it shouldn't look cheap and should have the necessary widgets for readers to vote and leave comments.

Lets face it, Singaporeans love food. You really can't go wrong with a website that is dedicated to food in Singapore. I plan to share recipes on the site and even have monthly cooking videos done by yours truly.

Best of all, I've come up with an awesome name for the company. It's easy to remember and it's guaranteed to remain at the top of your mind when you think food. The name itself will make marketing and branding an ease.

But before I dive into this project, I wanna hear what you think. Leave a comment at the end of this post and give me your thoughts please!


  1. A great idea! I've had enuff of lousy websites like that dont really give good reviews. There's not really a website that reviews good homely places like Brinda's at Bukit Merah and some lesser known kopishops. Wendy's Spize Hut has a nice ambience but the food cannot make it lah bro..wassup wif that? Im sure when you were there sometime ago, the food was good. But mebbe when i was there, he was having a bad day....

  2. Wendy's re-opened not too long ago. I reckon it's been about 2 weeks. Maybe that's why some dishes aren't as good as they should be.

    I'm glad you're with me on the food website. I know of food websites and a certain local food show that would charge $$$ to be listed. Then there are some that add a whole bunch of places just so they have enough content on their webby.

    It's my estimate that a food website would take at least 6 months to have a good and proper list of makan places and a year to run full steam.

  3. i think it's a great idea! like you said, Singaporeans simply love their food, no two ways abt it. it'll be an awesome webbie i'm sure of it!


  4. From chua

    I support the idea of a food web site. There is a new book in kinokuniya "The End of food" which states that food production is streched to limit, but it still cannot feed world population, and the average city has 3 to 7 days of food

  5. to Jona-tat.2: Thanks for the support bro! I've got to put a whole lot of thought into the design and stuff.

    to chua: Hey!! Long time no see buddy! Wow, I didn't know that. It sure doesn't sound pleasant.

    You know what I think would be awesome? If this food website I'm talking about could do charity work with it's readers. e.g: a monthly food donation drive, etc..

  6. charity work? that's a wicked idea! not to mention a good, noble one as well. you can count on me to support that if it does eventually take off.

    we should always think of these that are unable to enjoy the same simple joys of food, and give if we can. =) i'm all for the charity idea!

  7. hah,huig has a great relationship with food.didn't you know noel?


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