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Bad bad virus!!!

Thankfully, I'm feeling much better after being hit by that nasty filthy virus. I never want to experience anything like that again. The flu normally takes a few days to hit you. It builds up real slow and it's pretty easy to intercept the flu bug. Vitamin C always does the trick for me. But man, the virus I caught was really messed up! It totally knocked me off my feet in a matter of 12 hours.

I got to work on Friday at noon. Besides the cough, everything was alright. It was a totally different picture by late evening. I was sitting in the tattoo shop alone and I passed out on the bed-like chair. When I came to, my temperature was already burning up. The journey home took forever! It normally takes 15 minutes to get from Orchard to Thomson. This time round, it felt like I was on a road trip up some bloody mountain. No kidding!

I did the most obvious thing when I got home. I slept! That was my biggest mistake. When Ann came to check on me, I was the hottest guy in the neighbourhood. Heh! My fever was 39.7°C! With much resistance on my part, my family brought me to the nearest A&E. To cut a long story short, for the very first time, the doctor didn't ask if I'm on drugs after he saw my tattoos. All he said was "wah".

So yeah, I'm glad I'm better. My thanks to my folks for being the best damn parents in the world. To my dear wife, I'm sorry I was a bitch. I'll remember not to shout or lose my mind the next time I'm sick.

I'm gonna enjoy the nice rainy Monday. There's heaps to watch on Star World. Comedy nights always rock! Take good care all and lots of love (minus the virus of course)!!!

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