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Get that man a beer!

I can safely say we scored 10/10 at the Sunshine Bash 2008. I'm a hundred percent happy with the service we offered to both SAFRA and Cafe del Mar. It's back to the shop tomorrow. Wooohooooo!!

Brother Dominique, thanks for dropping by the event. You are a man of your word and I shall see you on MSN soon. We've got lots to talk about! It's about the principals right brudder?!

My son Drayden is three months old. In these three months, he's been to the Singapore Zoo, Science Centre, Changi Beach, East Coast Park and all over Orchard Road. Today, we brought him along to Cafe del Mar. I'm pretty darn sure that he'll love the nightlife in no time.

Never ever listen to anyone when they say drinking is a bad habit. I love drinking and I won't stop drinking till I'm six feet under. I've met so many of my friends through alcohol. My eldest brother, Leonard and I are super tight and it has a lot to do with our love for beer. Amen to that!

Anyhow, we are heading to the Bird Park on Tuesday. I am not a big fan of birds. Forgive me for saying this. I find birds boring. But, I'm a man of my word. So to the Bird Park we shall go! I fucking hope they sell booze!

I need to wrap up this post. I need to fucking sleep asap. Have a good start to the week ya'll!

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