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When I snap my fingers...

Here's a question I get asked more often than not. Are tattoos painful? The honest answer is, "Yes". How can it not hurt? Try pricking yourself with a needle! Certain areas of the human body would obviously hurt more. For example, the rib cage and inner arm would hurt more than a tattoo on your bicep. You know, I've got a tattoo on my left rib that has yet to be completed after 5 freaking years!

There are numbing creams, sprays and lotions that you can buy off the shelf at a local pharmacy. In Singapore, you can purchase a tiny tube of anesthetic cream at Watsons for SGD$15.00. I've not tried any of these products but I hear the spray works better.

Now, I intended to do some research about pain and 'the mind' for this post. This post was supposed to be revolve around the notion of Mind over Matter. But I found this interesting article which I hope will interest you too...

Mind Over Matter - Hypnosis can relieve the pain of tattooing

CORTLAND - Nate Melvin looked like he was taking a nap Wednesday afternoon, except for an occasional glance at the tattoo being inked into his leg.

“I have to open my eyes once in awhile or I will fall asleep,” he said.

Melvin, of DeKalb, was being tattooed while hypnotized at Proton Studios in Cortland. DeKalb hypnotherapist Randy Scott has been working with the studio for about a month, putting customers into a trance so they feel little or no pain while being inked.

“I feel pressure,” Melvin said. “I can just tell where's he's at. I know he's touching my skin, but I don't feel the needle.”

Tattoo artist Chris May said Melvin's tattoo is not in a particularly painful spot, and Melvin rated the pain he was feeling before the trance around 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. But past hypnosis customers were able to relax while being tattooed in sensitive places like the ribs, lower back or stomach, where pain is usually a 10, May said. He said the relaxed customers are easier to tattoo than those feeling the full dose of pain.

“Usually the customer tenses up really bad to brace for it,” he said. “Randy gets rid of all that tension so it's almost like tattooing a corpse. It's bizarre.”

Click here to read the entire article.


  1. if tattoos didn't hurt, it takes away a little of the fun in getting them in my opinion. no pain, no gain. if it didn't hurt, there will be tons of people getting inked. at least you have to consider the pain factor before getting that back piece in the future etc....=)

    ribs are the only place i'm terrified of getting inked! ha! i'm a wimp when it comes to pain man! only if Kat Von D comes to town, i'll let her ink my ribs with a hot black and grey pin-up. if not, no way. ha!

  2. I totally agree brudder! The pain is something that makes a tattoo all the more memorable!

    If Kat comes to Singapore, we'll go get inked together. It'll be one helluva queue though...


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