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I'm really happy that the latest Rate This Ink has gathered 6 votes so far. I seriously considered stopping this weekly column after the poor response last week. But hey, I guess I jumped the gun and I can erase that thought from my perverted brain!

Well, I've decided to stop my Tattooed n' Hot column. At least for now that is. I'll replace it with something else when I come up with a better idea. Right now, I ain't got any. Do you?

As for the Tattoo Education posts, I've decided to make it a monthly thing. Doing so would keep this column going for a longer duration. So, look out for it on the 1st of every month. That my friends, is a promise!

Also in the line up is an all new Singapore flavoured column. It's gonna be really cool. I hope to get things rolling by the end of the month. I'll keep ya'll updated!

Things will be so much easier with a laptop. I have one but the screen is kaput! Does anyone know how much it'll cost to replace the screen of an Acer laptop in Singapore?

A friend mentioned the other night that my blog is the only tattoo themed blog in Singapore and Asia. I think that's pretty neat, considering how popular tattoos are in Singapore at the moment. I do hope that more tattoo enthusiasts will take to blogging in the near future. The more the merrier!

Lastly, a fellow blogger came by the tattoo shop on Wednesday. To read about what she thinks about my airbrush tattoo service and her experience at the shop, visit Once you are at her blog, click on 'Entries' and you'll see her posts...

Aite...have an awesome weekend!

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