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Teacher Took Underage Student to Get Tattooed in Friend's Home

Frisco school officials are investigating a high school math teacher accused of taking a male student to a Little Elm home to get a tattoo.

The teacher, Brandy Jumper, 33, has been on paid administrative leave since last Wednesday, according to Shana McKay Wortham, a Frisco ISD spokeswoman.

Ms. Jumper has taught at Frisco High School for seven years, Ms. Wortham said. Ms. Jumper could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon.

Davonne Hunt, the 17-year-old student's mother, has accused Ms. Jumper of accompanying her son to get the tattoo. School officials put the teacher on paid leave within hours of learning about the incident, Ms. Hunt said.

"I think she made a bad error in judgment," Ms. Hunt said. "She just decided to call a friend that does it. I guess they [Ms. Jumper and the student] talked about it at school about him wanting to get one."

Ms. Hunt said her son told her about the incident on April 1. Initially, he said a friend went with him to get the tattoo. Then, he changed his story to say his teacher took him to the house, Ms. Hunt said.

Emily Palmer, a spokeswoman for the state health department, said her agency is investigating whether the tattoo artist was licensed to work at the Little Elm home and whether the location meets sanitary guidelines.

The tattoo features three stars above the name "Hunt" between the teenager's shoulder blades.

Ms. Hunt declined to allow reporters to interview her son, who plays on the high school varsity soccer team.

"I think she [Ms. Jumper] is a big fan of the soccer team, and I'm sure she's a big supporter," Ms. Hunt said.

Ms. Hunt also has filed a complaint with Little Elm police.

Assistant Police Chief Ric Sadler said his department referred the case to the state health department. State health codes prohibit a minor from getting a tattoo, even with parental permission, unless the tattoo is designed to cover up another tattoo deemed to be offensive by the parent or a court.

A minor who violates that code can be charged with a Class B misdemeanor.

Ms. Hunt said it was her son's first tattoo.

"It's illegal for him to get a tattoo, and he got it, so I'm really upset about that," she said. "They both knew he wasn't allowed to get one.

"I don't want any other kid, whether they're 18 or 19 or under age, going to a tattoo place that's not reputable," Ms. Hunt said. "I don't want this happening to anyone else."

Ms. Hunt said her son will be tested for infections that could result from the tattooing process. And she said she is punishing him with restrictions.

Ms. Wortham said she doesn't know how long the district's investigation of the incident might take. Ms. Hunt said she trusts Frisco ISD officials to handle the case as they see fit.


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