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While taking a shower earlier today, I looked down and wondered. Why the hell do I have nipples?! I mean, there they are, a pair of nipples that are of no significant use. Unless I get my nipples pierced at some stage of my life, I seriously don't see the purpose of having them.

My curiosity got the better of me and I googled 'Men's Nipples'. My extensive research reveals that nipples are left over from the womb. Here's something I found rather shocking...
Men have nipples because we all were conceived female. Somewhere during conception or pregnancy we either stay a female or turn into a male. You may notice male and female have all the same "bits" but they differ in size and function. the clitoris for example is the female counterpart to the penis........ovaries to gonads ........and nipples either sit on a pair of breasts or for the male are just there.
That paragraph explains a lot of things. Men don't turn gay. They are merely renouncing their gender!

Oh wait...there's more! Men can produce milk!!! I ain't kidding!
Male humans can and do produce milk; ie, they can lactate. Male breasts contain all the structures needed to produce milk.

Further, it is not uncommon to observe lactation in both male and female infants, due to the stimulation they receive from their mother's hormones.

I swear to god that if I ever start producing milk, I'll faint and probably die of a freaking heart attack!

I've got a strong feeling that I'll have nightmares about nipples tonight. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind a dream about some hot chick and her perfect pointy nipples. I've gotta head to work. Enjoy the weekend and have a nipple-licious Friday!

(My thanks to WikiAnswers and SensualReading for the outstanding Nipple information.)


  1. Easy ...

    It's for foreplay

    Ladies loves it

    For guys: We've no whatsoeva use for it

    uncle sha

  2. men can lactate too???

    hellalujah, baby!
    next time i'm too tired, you can breastfeed drayden!

    i'll do up a roster now!


  3. okay. 110% freaked out now. ha!

  4. Hahaha...nipples and foreplay go hand in hand! I consider myself an expert on women's nipples. I bet every other guy would think likewise! Thanks for dropping by Uncle Sha! =)

    My dear wife! That will never EVER happen! Imagine what it'll do to Drayden. He'll grow up knowing that his dad breast fed him. He won't look at daddy the same ever again!!

    Helloooo Jon! I freaked out too. The last thing I want is milk to ooze out of my nipples! That ain't right man!


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