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Tattoo Education: Nautical Tattoos


In the next few editions of Tattoo Education, we will look at some of the most common tattoo designs around. Though common, these designs are highly symbolic. Let's look at some of these designs...

The Anchor Tattoo - The anchor has long been a favoured among sailors from all over the world, US Marines and naval aviators. Some designs that are commonly tattooed along with the anchor are sailing ships, mermaids, the nautical star, etc...

In ancient times, the anchor was a symbol with ties to the Christian church. An anchor tattoo can be thought of as holding one steadfast, like an anchor holding a great sailing ship safe in harbour, against winds and currents that might carry it astray.

The Bluebird Tattoo – The bluebird is another nautical tattoo with a long maritime history that dates back to more than a century. The sighting of a bluebird (swallow) after a long journey at sea, was seen as a sign of good luck. A sailor would get a tattoo of the bluebird on one side of his chest after logging 5,000 miles at sea. Once he logs another 5,000 miles, he would get another bluebird tattooed on the other side of his chest.

The Compass Tattoo - Here is another popular maritime tattoo. I reckon by now, you can see the link between tattoos and sailors. In fact, that's exactly how tattoos became popular. The sailors brought the art of tattooing all over the world. Anyhow, the compass tattoo is similar to the nautical star tattoo to what it symbolizes. A good sailor would solely use a compass and the North Star to get to his destination. With that said, a tattoo of a compass would help one navigate his way through life.



  1. Star Tattoo
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  2. My boyfriend got a compass tattoo on his left shoulder.  What is the meaning of that? Homosexual??????

  3. Why would that mean he is a homosexual? It doesn't make a difference where the tattoo is located. =)

  4. Then again, I would think otherwise if a guy has a compass tattoo on his butt cheek or even better, at the center of his lower back. Now that would be funny!


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