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Happy Mommy's Day

To my mom for being the best mom in the world, today is your day. Thank you for being there the past 30 years. It hasn't been easy having a son like me, but you've made things happen when I needed you most.

To my darling wife, it's your first mothers' day and many more to come. I hope you're enjoying motherhood and I'm sure Drayden will award the "Best Mommy" Award to you one day. Thank you for everything you're doing and you're my "Yummy Mummy"!

And finally to all the mommies, Happy Mothers' Day!


  1. i want awfully chocolate's chocolate banananananana cake!!!!! *pouts*

  2. Hey Noel;
    Its been a long long time...Wow ur married and have a kid....Congrats babezz... My Love to your wifey and Son...
    Jenifer here...I'm Back in Brunei... Say hi to the guys too email me at O jus look for me at FaceBook..And you can see Shayna's pics She's my lil'Angel...
    Cheers Cuzz.... Love Jenifer....

  3. Wassup Cuz! Yup, i'm a daddy. Dray is 1 month old today. I'll look you up on Facebook. You have a kid? When did that happen??
    I'll message you soon on facebook. Lots of love cuz!


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