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Full of crab!

We came & We Conquered!

Finally we caught some damn crabs! Though it rained like a bitch today, we sure did better than the last attempt! Woooooooooooooooooo!


  1. ok, now u can finally quit yr day job! ;) haha!

  2. when are we cooking the lemak cili padi, baby!!!!! *slurp*

    don give to vik okay! muahahahahaaa....

  3. to Alyson: How cool would that be? Catching crabs for the rest of my life...If only life was a walk in the park.

    to yummy mummy: Soon baby! Real soon!

    to Shyanne: Hmm...We used a different bait and it worked wonders! Can't wait for the next crab session. Heee...

  4. Wooo! No more baby crablets! Heheheh Congratulations neighbour! Did you use Vik's fingers as bait?

  5. Yup! We're in the big league now baby! Woooohooooo!!!!! I'll never use dirty fingers as bait. Crabs deserve better!! =)

  6. eh, better than nothing lor!

    we'll make salted egg crabs or whatever it was we were supposed to eat at big-eater, and won't invite you! hmph!



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