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$5.00 Tattoos

I have teamed up with EZ Tattoo to provide airbrush tattoos at a very low price of FIVE DOLLARS. Sounds good so far? Read on...

Airbrush tattoos are extremely popular in the United States and Australia. Airbrush tattoos are painless, commitment-free and comes with no regrets! Best of all, airbrush tattoos look just like the real thing! It’s the perfect accessory for any fun loving individual.

To address the concern over the rise of youths getting tattoos in Singapore, I am offering an alternative to getting a permanent tattoo. In partnership with EZ Tattoo and to promote temporary tattoos, we are providing airbrush tattoos to anyone below the age of 18 at a special price of $5.00 only. On top of that, we will provide advice for our young customers with regards to tattoos and explain why steps are being taken to discourage them from getting a permanent tattoo before they turn 18. This outreach program is called “Think Before You Get Inked”.

Our airbrush tattoo services are available from Wednesdays to Sundays, 2pm to 8pm at E Z Tattoo Studio (14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-10).

For more information, visit The Tattoo Boutique website at!


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