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Terrorist on the Run

The Singapore Police Force is looking for this man, Mas Selamat. He escaped from detention at 4.05pm. This low life moron is the leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) network here in Singapore.

Mas Selamat was involved in the JI's plans to mount attacks against foreign and local establishments here. These included the US Embassy and American Club, the Defence Ministry headquarters at Bukit Gombak and the Education Ministry building at North Buona Vista Drive.

Mas Selamat fled Singapore in December 2001 following an Internal Security Department operation against the terrorist organisation.

The militant leader had been on the run after Singapore authorities discovered plans to crash seven truck filled with bombs at various locations around the island.

Investigations also revealed that he was the mastermind behind a plan to hijack an airplane and crash it into Changi airport.

Anyone with information about him, can contact the Police at 999. This screwed up piece of dirt needs to be behind bars again!


  1. i dun think its right to call people names. he is human after all and humans makes mistake.

    hope he get caught soon. better safe then sorry.

    - K.T

  2. excuse me? this son of a bitch planned to harm thousands of Singaporeans! this useless piece of shit doesn't deserve sympathy. bastards like him will never change.

    if you don't like name calling, fuck off somewhere else. this blog has loads of name calling. just to prove my point, you're a piece of shit too!

  3. Nice name calling. That fucker is definitely screwed. How far can you run? The minimum punishment he should get is to kick him down the cliff with a anal grenade.

    The bigger fucker is of course the police.

  4. Hey wait, I thought he is only 'suspected JI' from the news. How come it spreaded until he is the main JI in your blog? Can u explain Mr Tattoo Siao???

  5. to aeon: haha...i can't agree more!

    to km80: he is the leader of the Singapore based JI. Here is an article from Channel News Asia that quotes him as the leader. "the Singapore leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah militant network, who escaped from a Singapore detention centre on Wednesday. "

    here is the link to the article...


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