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Daddy with the Cravings!!

It seems I am the one with all the cravings. So far, I’ve craved for chicken rice, pasta, duck rice, mee goreng, tulang and hotdogs. Yesterday, I craved for fried chicken. So we took a long drive to the biggest KFC joint in Singapore. Yep, we ended up in Kallang.

My mom says that my dad went through the same thing. I hear it’s pretty common for daddies to have cravings. I love food so this craving thingy isn’t a bad thing. The plus point is that I cook. If I didn’t, I’d have to go searching for food in the wee hours of the morning. Now that would be a bitch!

Today, I’m craving for a good drinking session. I’m gonna meet up with the clan and have our MUST HAVE happy hour. They like to call it, Tiger Time. I so can’t wait!!!

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