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The OMG Edison Pictures!

Have you seen the recent Edison Chen sex scandal pictures?? The pictures are nothing but disgusting! If you are looking to start a new business, I reckon a Brazilian waxing business would do well in Hong Kong!

Cecilia Cheung looks like a freaking gorilla! What’s up with her? The least she could have done is to trim her privates. Gillian Chung comes next with the title, ‘I’m an Innocent Girl with a hairy Pussy’. Innocent my ass! Innocent good girls don’t give blowjobs and expect a guy to eat their pussy.

Seriously, I almost puked when I saw the pictures!! It’s that disgusting. Talk about personal hygiene. Only god knows how Edison went down on Gillian. He probably passed out after that for all we know…

Thanks to the pictures, 200 hundred of them to be exact, I’ll now look at every woman and wonder if she shaves. Fun times are ahead! I’ll try to remember I’m married while all these dirty thoughts start flashing in my head!

PS: Ladies, I seriously think you should keep in neat down there. Shaving is obviously the best solution. For the men, if you expect your lady to go down on you, shave for heavens sake!! I’ve heard way too many horror stories from my female friends. Let’s all go bald starting from today!!


  1. The latest news of Edison Chen sex photo scandal. Everyone is talking about Gillian Chung after she claimed herself was too stupid and naïve. Some people think she is so brave but also some people think she is very fake. What do you think? Do you stand by Gillian Chung? Vote here:


  2. I'd do Cecilia but I wouldn't go down on her man...

  3. i agree!! everyone should be bald down there for hygiene! plus our little friend down there will feel more sensitive to touches whenever getting down..haha!

  4. to anonymous: i think Gillian like the others, are just human. plain ordinary humans that have their horny moments. i also think she should shave!!

    to lounge lizard: hahaha...i wouldn't even do her! yikes!!

    to frozen body: heh! i'm glad you agree buddy! we should form a club that promotes the shaving of pubic hair!

  5. Of cuz, you will say that lah! You are married! Hahaha...

    The missus is reading...


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