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Dear Cecilia Cheung...

Here are five reasons why you should consider shaving...

1) First, having no hair down there is an acquired sensation. Many women find it freeing and sexy – equally as many find it disturbing. For many women, being shaven makes life simpler – there is no shaving around the bikini zone during the summer or when you want to impress your man with a new thong or G-String – there is no hair there to trim!

2) Secondly, oral sex is so much better for the giver! Although not every man will admit it if you ask him, men don’t like to have hair stuck in their teeth any more than women do (admit it, you don’t). So having no hair there eliminates the problem! They can lick and suck and tease to their heart’s content and never will a hair will work it’s way into their mouth – now that is a wonderful thing!

3) Thirdly, the view is delightful! I have surveyed quite a few men – and all but one of them said they prefer to look at a shaven vaginal area – or at least neatly trimmed or with a landing strip. Men like to “see” what is going on, they are visual creatures and are stimulated by what they see – therefore, if they can see what is going on with their fingers, tongue or penis – they are more aroused. Just like the old adage – “you can’t see the forest for the trees” – you can’t see the vagina for the bushy hair!

4) Fourth, and probably the best reason, SENSATION, SENSATION, SENSATION! The vaginal area – not to mention the clitoral area – has neurotransmitters just like the skin – and when there is no longer a barrier between them and the sensation of touch – arousal hits a new level! Especially when the hair is removed from the clitoral hood – the wondrous sensation of a tongue rubbing over that area without the added friction of hair is nothing less than phenomenal!

5) Fifth, FOREPLAY! If you shave with your partner – it WILL lead to other things! Let’s face it, if you are spread eagle on the bathroom floor and your man has to “investigate” your pubic region, there is going to be some foreplay happening after your newly shaven pubic region is revealed! Helping each other shave (yes, I mean for the men too!) can be an extremely EROTIC experience for both of you! However, if your partner is not comfortable with doing this for you, then that is OK – that last thing either of you wants is a shaking hand with a razor on your precious parts!

These five reasons are by Mikayla from Chicago. To read her article and many more, click here.

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