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HK celebrity Lydia Sum dies at 60

Actress and comedian Lydia Sum has passed away in hospital, according to Hong Kong media reports. She was 60 years old.

The popular Hong Kong celebrity had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, among other illnesses.

In 2002, an inflammation of her bile duct placed her in hospital, where 36 gallstones were extracted.

Subsequently in 2006, Sum was diagnosed with cancer, and had part of her liver removed.

The veteran actress, known affectionately to her fans as "Fei Fei", had been criticised by the Hong Kong media for worsening her medical condition by consuming certain foods against doctors' orders.

She was rushed to the hospital again last August, having suffered from pleural effusion - a complication of liver failure.

But the beloved comedian braved her failing health to attend the 40th TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony in November.

She was wheeled out on stage to accept the TVB Grand Award in a cheery pink outfit, completed with her signature wig and plastic-framed glasses.

Sum had starred in numerous Hong Kong films, as well as a sitcom on MediaCorp’s Channel 5 named "Living With Lydia".

My condolences go out to her family, loved ones, fans and the people of Hong Kong.

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