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$90 is all you need!

Provided you have a computer or notebook, that’s the amount you’ll need to start an events management business in Singapore. $65.00 is to register your business and $25.00 for your namecards. There’s no need to get an office if you’re just starting out. The place of business can be your sweet old home.

Not like the old days, event companies today do not have their own equipment. Most of the big players rent their equipment from companies like Razes Audio Visual Lighting. They have the works at Razes. From the simple 2 tops system (that’s events language for a simple 2 speaker sound system) to a professional set-up of audio and stage lightings.

With that investment of $90, all you need is good presentation skills. The minute you walk into a presentation, you need to convince the committee that you are their choice. It starts with a smile and how you walk into that room. Are you confident? Do you smell good? Lastly, are you dressed right? After all, folks from the events scene are supposed to be fashionable and stylish. My belief is this, a clients pays you to tell them what they want to hear. The job of a salesman is to tell the client exactly what they want to hear in order to seal the deal.

The most important factor in any event is the Master of Ceremony (emcee). He or she must be able to carry a show from start to beginning. If you get a cheap emcee, be prepared for a screwed-up show. If you ask around, you’ll notice that a few names keep popping up. I strongly recommend these emcees... Jeffrey Yap, Justin Misson, Desley Han and Eddy Singh. They are simply the best!

If you’re new to the events scene, you’ll be happy to know that there are talent companies in Singapore. Take Ali Khan Surattee Talent Management for example. They have almost every type of talent you need to run a successful event. Along with that comes a nice price that you have to meet to get their services. I reckon it'll be money well spent with handling the talents.

While it is easy to start an events business, it’s extremely difficult to maintain one. Consider this, there are thousands of registered event companies in Singapore. Everyone is fighting for a piece of the pie. The thing is, the damn pie isn’t big enough to feed everyone. But yet, many are striving to become the next David Tutera.

I thought long and hard about returning to the events scene. After all, I spent a good 8 years of my life trying to entertain people. While I enjoyed being part of high-profile events such as the Asian Aerospace (picture above), I’ve opted to be a service provider to these events companies. Why fight with the thousands when you can provide them with something they need? I rather supply a service to companies like Generation X, The Flying Dutchman, Journey Promotions, Concept Alliance, etc...

We’re starting off with airbrush tattoos. Airbrush tattoos isn’t big in Singapore yet. My equipment arrived last week from the United States and it’s looking promising. I’ve been practicing real hard and getting used to the airbrush gun. We do hope to add more services under the Tattoo Boutique umbrella. That should happen in a month or so.

I’ve got to get going. I hope this post is of some help if you’re thinking of starting your own events company. Have a good Wednesday and god bless!

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