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I was reading an article in the papers this morning about the recent Sumatra, Indonesia earthquakes. Scientists are predicting that a much bigger earthquake will hit in the future. They call this quake the 'Big One'. What's frightening is that Sumatra has been experiencing earthquakes all week. If these earthquakes are considered small, imagine what the 'Big One' is gonna be like!

Indonesia was rocked by another earthquake over 8 hours ago. This is the 12th earthquake recorded over the past four days. I seriously feel for the people that have been affected by these earthquakes.

Each time there is an earthquake in the region, most of us would immediately think of a tsunami. That's how bad the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake affected us folks from the East. I pray to god that we'll never see something like that again. I guess all we can do is pray and hope for the best.

I tried inserting an earthquake monitor into this post but it's too god damn big!! This same widget is up on The Nooze Blog. Go take a look if you're interested...


  1. I experience my very 1st quake a couple days back!

    As exciting as it was for me, it's sad to know that some people have lost their lives, and thousands have lost everything they own in those few minutes...

    They should just evacuate Indonesia and send only the hardest of criminals there (ala Australia back in the day!)



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