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The 90 Day Fool!

I stumbled upon this blog earlier today and I don't quite know what to think. This girl started a blog, 90 Day Jane to countdown her last days. 90 days to be exact! No, she ain't dying from an illness or disease. The dumb bitch wants to kill herself! Or so she claims...

The thing is, nobody knows if she is for real or if she's just one of the MANY losers that crave for attention. I left a comment on her latest post telling her to add advertisements on her blog. With the thousands of hits she gets a day, she'll earn a tidy sum in the next three months. With that money, she can either donate it to a chosen charity or buy a coffin!

I'm not being mean. I'm just tired with idiots that want to kill themselves. Anyone that comes to me saying they're sick of life and they're gonna kill themselves, I'll tell them to their face to 'GO RIGHT AHEAD!' Chances are, they won't have the balls to do it.

Just yesterday, someone close told me that he sees no point in living. That fucking pissed me off. To me, it's selfish when a person only thinks about him or herself. No matter how bad things are, there are people out there that are in a whole lot more pain.

The next person that tells me they're gonna end their life, will get their head smashed with my new Rawlings baseball bat! Made of aluminum, it'll feel real good on someone's skull. It'll be my going away present!

Alright, I'm gonna have ice cream and beer. I'll post again tomorrow. Ciaoz!

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