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Ah Meng & Friends

It’s crazy how fast 2007 has flown by. Soon it’ll be Christmas and before we know it, we’ll be counting down to 2008. I’m looking forward to 2008 and I hope you are too.

One of my highlights of the year has got to be the Singapore Zoo’s Keepers Night function that was held 2 days ago. Besides the booze, it was great to see old colleagues again. We talked, joked and shared some old memories. Everyone knows I miss working in the zoo. It’s something I’ll never stop missing.

A lot has changed within the zoo and the place sure looks good. I reckon they’re moving in the right direction. Animal conservation and awareness needs to be fun in order to get the masses involved. The late Steve Irwin used this approach and it worked wonders.

I’m gonna visit the zoo again soon. This time round, I’ll sit my ass at the orang utan enclosure. The zoo has this glass enclosure where you the visitor can be up-close with this beautiful primate. You have to see it for yourself to get a better picture.

The one name that is synonymous with the Singapore Zoo is Ah Meng. It’s not just Singaporeans. Ah Meng is famous the world over! Look her up on Wikipedia and you’ll find everything you need to know about her. She has met presidents, dignitaries and the biggest celebrities.

Ah Meng is without doubt the icon of the Singapore Zoo. Sadly, this icon and her family of orang’s are losing their natural homes to man. You and I both need to act immediately. We can make the difference if we all play our part. You can start by recycling and make it a family activity. Make it a fun filled activity for the kids and elderly.

It’s the simple things we do that will make a difference. Remember, when the buying stops, the killings will too!

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