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Glow in the Dark Cats

South Korean scientists have cloned cats by manipulating a fluorescent protein gene. These cloned cats glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet beams.

What will they come up next? Cats that can fly??!


  1. What is the bloody point of having cats that glow in the dark? For kicks? Honestly, these scientists should put their brains to better use. Then again, a catwalk with these mutants were be really out of this world! Maybe they'll mutate the cats so that the fur can be sheared for the Korean fashion industry and they can stop harvesting cats like wheat....well...that's my opinion.

  2. I really don't know man. These fellas aren't right in the head. You know pisses me off? Instead of finding a cure for AIDS, they're busy messing around with animals. this world just doesn't make sense!!

  3. I agree totally man... they really have nothing better to do but then again who are we to judge whats wrong or right. and yeah... they might wanna use the for for some fashion thingy.... we asians are know to eat weird stuff.... now they is more weird shit coming out from scientists.... they shouldnt play with nature... its not good really its sad to see animals being tested and stuff....for human's amusement.... sigh... what were they thinking...

  4. Issit becuz their fur is white and anything white under UV light?

  5. Issit becuz their fur is white and anything white under UV light?

  6. to nekobus: well, these scientists are full of crap! the last cure they came up with was for Polio. why can't they do something that will benefit the community? the answer to that is....there's no money in the cure. it's the medicine that makes all the money!

    to lounge lizard: dude!! if white is under UV light, you'll get blue! *faints* for somebody that worked in a club before, you sure have no clue!!

  7. that is so goddamn unethical and evil...i have a kitten and he has major times he would leave me soo sratched up i look like i was mugged at knife point...i wouldn't imagine declawing him though..point it is let nature be!

  8. Check out the Gore-tex boots for elephants! Dunno how effective thay are but at least it'sit has a point rather than glow in the dark cats.

  9. to wildchild: i totally agree! declawing an animal is like removing the fingernails of a human. its sick!!!

    you know, some idiots actually remove the voice box of a dog. like this dumb ass that used to teach me in secondary school. every time his dog tries to bark, it sounds like a soft cough. that's just plain wrong!

    to j.t: i saw this on the news a few days back. my buddy (the shortest keeper working with elephants) at the night safari, tells me that the elephants are responding well to the boots. time will tell if it'll do them any good in the long run...

    but yeah, it beats the glow in the dark bullshit.

  10. Genetic engineering is less cruel than natural genetic mutation. In nature, billions of nutrino's from stars pass through every square centimeter of our bodies every second. Most don't ever hit anything, but every once in a while one hits a DNA strand and 'flips' it creating a mutation. Many times it does something bad like making you born blind, or your heart is deformed etc. Then the creature dies a slow and agonizing death. Every once in a while though, the mutation is benificial. For instance, what if you are a black bunny rabbit up in Alaska? Most of the time there is snow on the ground (which is white) so it's very easy to see and catch a black bunny on white snow. But what happens when a nutrino creates a mutation that makes all the bunnies babies have white fur? Then they cannot be seen as easily and will get eaten less and have a better chance to survive. Since more of the white bunnies live than the black one then the bunnies with white fur pass on their genes more frequently and pretty soon, all the rabbits in snowy areas have white fur.

    Nature gets it wrong most of the time and those creatures die horribly and slowly much of the time.

    In the lab, we can change this gene without having thousands or millions of bunnies born that must die due to mutated genes that cause defects.

    Genetic therapy is kinder than nature yet nature also has natural checks and balances that control ALL mutations/evolution. So even if we change something, in time nature, through evolution/mutation will balnce out everything.

    Jason P.


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