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Trash the PC!

Man oh man…as much as I wanted to blog yesterday, my computer went on strike. My Mozilla couldn’t function without refreshing every 30 seconds and IE decided to show me what neglect means. It’s impossible to do anything when your refreshes every 30 seconds or so.

All in all, I was in a foul mood yesterday and if nobody was around, I would have trashed this fucking pc. As for now, my mouse is retarded after the smashing it got and my keyboard looks like it got into an accident.

I admit I’ve got a bad temper. It used to be a hell lot worse. With religion, I believe I’m on the right path and the big man above is leading me in the right direction. I’m sure things will be all nice and merry soon.

I hope the new banner is alright. It is right? I had a whole lot of free time yesterday since Firefox decided to F me up. The designs you see on the banner are the same designs you see at my online boutique. The banner is a reflection of what I am now. My buddy Johan thinks it’s cute but I beg to differ…

I’ll be back later with another post about char kway teow. I’m drooling already! In the meantime, I’m gonna give my mouse CPR. Catch ya’ll later aite!

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