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Char Kway Teow @ Shunfu

Every once in awhile, we'll head to Shunfu Mart (at Shunfu Road of course. durh!) for a kickass lunch. It's real close to my house and the place is packed with good food. We craved for some good old char kway teow and Lai Heng Fried Kuay Teow & Cooked Food is the best when it comes to this Singaporean dish.

A nice old couple runs the stall and I must say their business is good. Be prepared to wait for a good 10 to 15 mins for your order during lunch time. It'll be good if you can speak anything else other than English. Since Ant speaks chinese, I left the ordering to her...

The char kway teow was awesome! It wasn't too sweet (good amount of sweet dark soya sauce) and the cockles were cooked enough. It wasn't raw nor was it over-cooked. The pork lard was crunchy and they give a generous amount of chye sim, chinese sausages and fish cake.

My rating out of 5 tattoo guns:

While you're at Shunfu Mart, be sure to visit Chocolat N' Spice. There alway's a queue at this stall! The double chocolate muffin rocks! I'm gonna try the blueberry muffin when I'm there next.
I'm hungry already...Have a good dinner Singapore!

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