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An SPG and a Dumbass

A fellow blogger and her friend was physically attacked by a Caucasian man at Toa Payoh Hub. The only reason why I'm posting this video is beacuse she's a blogger and I think bloggers should stick together. To read her account of the incident, swing on by to her blog. (

Don't you just want to beat the crap out of this ugly piece of shit?! Any guy that hits or manhandles a woman deserves to get beaten up! Agreed?


  1. well true its nice to have a hero in the crowd to save a girl from such situations but from my personal experiences singaporeans tend to see it as "public entertainment"...a girl usually just have to save herself

  2. yea...i believe some of us will stand up for each other. there are lots that will stand around and watch. i see this all the time when there's an accident. it's sick!!

  3. Haha!! Nice Viz... I find the beng uncle freaking hilarious though... lol...

  4. Thanks Jaron. I thought so too. I reckon they wrote PCK based on this uncle...

  5. Was back at b:one on Saturday. And the muthafucken piece of shit Ben Hall was hitting on Pam's fren.

    So I pulled her outta there. The muthafucka snucked over and tried to disarm me by introducing himself to me. Seriously lah, dude. Just becuz you dun squat to pee and not white, you dun remember people? And you know how much I hate him lah...

    Me: "It's okay. No need to shake my head. We've met previously on 3 separate occasions. I didn't want to know you then. Now, I wouldn't even bother. So fuck off."

    Man, it felt good.

    And of cuz, he complained to Marco, another fucken hypocrite. Who came up to me and asked me jokingly about it.

    Me: "I'm not working here anymore. I dun give a flying fuck."

    German smiled and walked off. The girl was cute though. :P

  6. Ouch! the idiot whines like a bitch. but well done man! you finally took your chance and payback was sweet huh?

    Please tell me you banged the chick! Come on dude...


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