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NEW Ink Alert!

Got this done at E Z Tattoo yesterday. The seahorse joins the hammerhead shark, manta-ray, octopus and sea turtle. There's one last marine animal I need to add and that's a star fish. TATTOOS ROCK!!
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  1. Hey dude, my fren Kim will be in town next week. She wanna go tattoo shopping. So you are the man for the job.

    After that, we go eat crabs?

  2. the star fish WON'T be the LAST ink tho', will it, baby? :)

    Everytime i go down to get my phoenix continued, you get inked. :)
    Think we can all expect 5 or 6 more tattoos, since I've got abt 6 more sessions to go!

  3. ANT! you disappeared. ):

    and nice one noel. although it looks like a mini dragon if you ask me.

    i'm getting mine next week. don't tell you. will post photos when i'm done. heh.

  4. to lounge lizard: tattoo shopping sounds fun! crabs sound equally fun too!!!

    to ma bitch: of course not! there's lots of tattoos I wanna do. i'm saving lotsa space for the damn tv thingy and for my trip to borneo. heh!

    to shyanne: a mini dragon?! grrr...its a SEAHORSE. repeat after me...S-E-A-H-O-R-S-E...what are you gonna get tattooed? where at? which shop????

  5. it's some place at peninsula wildchild is bringing me to.

    and again... i am not telling yet.

    and ok ok fine. seahorse it is. lol!

  6. ermmm ok...i can't wait to see your ink!! faster can??

  7. We might have to break up the tattoo shopping and crab thing. She's in town on Thursday. You guys will be free to visit Sha as well?

  8. Call me hor!!!

    I heard from Pam you guys going to HRC next Sat. I'm heading to a wedding dinner first.

    Crabs how? When? Arrggghh, I need to make them an endangered species!

  9. sure...visit Sha on thursday right? probably give saturday a miss. got some stuff to do in the evening. if crabs become endangered, lotsa people are gonna go insane!

  10. to be honest.... actually... it does look a bit like a dragon... and yes also a sea horse, why sea horse.... how about sting ray??? silly question i know


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