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Missing Monk

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you’ll know how I’ve been feeling the past 3 days. My cat, Monk, is unfortunately missing. When shit like this happens, there’s a whole lot of ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybe’s’. Those if’s and maybe’s can get you really depressed. We’ve been on countless walks around the neighbourhood and have put up lost and found signs in the neighbourhood. We’re just gonna keep walking and keep our fingers crossed that someone will call.

Monk isn’t the brightest of cats and he behaves like a kitten. He is certainly the favourite when friends come over to the house. I miss how he comes up to the room uninvited and I miss how he rolls onto his back whenever he sees me. Most of all, I miss this big baby because he never fails to make me smile. Deep inside I’m praying that he’ll come home someday.

If you live in the Thomson area, please help look out for an orange and white cat. He’s fat and real friendly. I wanna reveal my mobile number on this blog but my sixth sense is telling me not to. I guess a simple email to will do…

I need to think of happier thoughts and the only way for me to do so is by changing the subject. Lets see…There’s a whole lot of baking going on in the Boyd Palace. Before I met Ant, I used to only cook. I love cooking and I believe that cooking is an art. I’ve always looked at baking as a something that is extraordinary hard to do. Well, Ant came along and totally changed my perception of baking.

We started off baking cookies which turned out alright. It wasn’t as good as Famous Amos but it sure tasted nice. We then baked some other asian delicacies along the way. For my birthday, Ant baked me a kick ass chocolate cake! I love the cake and I can’t wait for my next birthday to come along.

Yesterday, we made cinnamon donuts. My folks loved them and I’m sure we’ll make more donuts soon. The next planned baking session is for Christmas. On the agenda are little gingerbread men, a brandy flavored fruit cake and maybe a log cake. Add in pineapple tarts and we’ll have a perfect Christmas!

There’s a new poll located in the right sidebar. If you are tattooed, do take part in the poll. It’s for a project I’m working on so please VOTE if you’re tattooed!

I’m thinking of designing a new banner for my blog. I don’t know what it’ll look like but I reckon a good frontal picture of yours truly would do the trick.

It’s getting late and I’ve got tons to do. Take care and enjoy what’s left of this wet Tuesday!


  1. Baking is waaay more fun than cooking! In fact, I just finished baking some creampuffs! Check my blog for pix soon!

    Oh, and I saw the signs u guys put up..I hope ya find Monk soon! He's a sweetiepie..I'll be sure to keep a lookout for him! Take it easy neighbour!

  2. Oh, how I know the feeling when one of my kitties is missing! It is a sick feeling, a scared feeling, and the grief...

    One of my cats Spotticus Rex disappeared a couple of years ago, and never returned. I like to think that because he was so damned charming and friendly; someone took him. I refuse to think about the coyotes in my part of the country.

    On the other hand, one of my cats Princess Bella disappeared for 3 months once. Then, one day, she just wandered back in as if she had never been gone. I, of course was crying and hugging her. She looked at me as if to say "What???"

    I will keep you in my thoughts and hopes that Monk will return.

    I love cooking and baking, I think both are an art and lots of fun.

  3. aww. i hope monk comes back safely. i'm adopting a kitten soon.

    the chocolate cake looks amazing! well done miss MIA! oh and donuts are baked? i always thought they were deep fried.

    i've been craving them.

  4. we FRIED them, shyanne.
    i think noel must have od-ed on donuts to not know what he's talking abt. heh.
    but yeah, donuts can be baked too, apparently.

  5. i do hope Monk is alright and will come home soon too.
    everytime it rains i get so worried if he has shelter. and everytime i hear a car screech my heart just stops.
    and he's such a domesticated cat, he doesn't know how to eat scraps. i hope he doesn't go hungry.

    i really hope he comes back soon.

  6. wow...there's a whole lot of comments to reply to...

    to missbitchalot: cream puffs?? i want some!!! i love the little japanese cream puffs. yum yum yummmm!!! thanks for keeping a lookout for monk neighbour!

    to knotgypsy: i'm sorry to hear about Spotticus Rex. I hope Monk does a Princess Bella. You've got cool names for your cats. Real nice! Thank you so much for the kind words and god bless my dear.

    to shyanne: where are you getting your kitten from? my apologies, i keep thinking that we baked the donuts. i seriously think i'm still high from all the sugar icing...

    to bitch on heels: babes, think happy thoughts and everything's gonna be alright. now is a good time for a little bob marley!

  7. i found some people who have kittens for adoption so i'm gonna start viewing next week.

    and man oh man ya'll are mean... since when is it nice when people say they crave something to emphasize that you had tons of it?

  8. oh ok...thats nice. what's your email? i'll send you pictures of the donuts. heee...

  9. Your food experiments should never be thrusted upon the general public these days without going through a food taster. Yes, that's me. So I'll need to QC your cooking and baking.

    Lemme know.

    What's Ant doing these days?

  10. haha...kotek! did i tell you that I love cooking seafood? especially crabs!

    Well, Ant is...well, being Ant i guess.


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