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NO to Shark-Fin Soup

(Warning: This post contains graphic photos and a video which may be deemed gruesome and inappropriate.)

You know guys and girls; this blog isn’t just about tattoos. It’s about my life. Call it my life story if you want. A big part of my life is about animal conservation. There’s not much I can do since I’m no longer with the Singapore Zoo. But, there’s a whole lot I can say on my blog. Hopefully I’ll able to channel my message across and you’ll see things from my point of view.

Animal conservation is vital to our existence. Wouldn’t you want your children to grow up and appreciate the very same wildlife that we see today? Or would you want to explain to them how man killed and extinguished a beautiful and remarkable creature? I hope you didn’t choose the latter. Every animal walking this earth deserves to be conserved and protected. Unless it’s bred and cultivated in a farm, I’m gonna make a hell lotta noise. Even then, I’m against some animal farms.

In Singapore like many other parts of the world, shark-fin is a delicacy. Often served at high end dinners and weddings, it’s a must have if you want some face. A friend once remarked that if he didn’t have shark-fin soup on his wedding menu, he’ll lose face. He chose to save face rather then save an animal. I understand that it’s a culture and tradition. But if you think about it, cultures and traditions do change with the time. So unless its in your religion, you have every right to choose.

I do not attend weddings that serve shark-fin. Period! So yeah, if I didn’t attend your wedding, you know the reason. Some people might remark that I should have attended and just not eat this cruel dish. Do you want me to sit in a ballroom while 300 guests are eating shark-fin? I think not…

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Here’s a fact about shark-fin…Shark-fin is tasteless. What do you expect? It’s a cartilage. If you were to soak your cut finger nails for a good couple of hours and boil them till its soft, you’ll get the exact same thing. Throw in your herbs, broth of chicken, ham and shiitake and you’ll get a perfect replica of shark-fin soup. How’s that for a thought?

In august last year, a ship was apprehended by the U.S Coast Guard. Upon inspection, an estimated 29,000 shark fins were found onboard. 29,000 beautiful sharks were killed for their fins! In a stark comparison, tens of millions of sharks are killed every year. I’m trying to visualize the carcasses of millions of sharks but I just can’t. It’s a sick thought…

There will always be morons out there that will argue that sharks attack man. The truth is that you’ll have a better chance of being struck by lighting or dying from bee stings than being eaten by a shark.

I think I have said enough. Thank you for hearing me out and I do hope that you’ll at least stop and think about what I’ve just said. I’m ending this post with a message from Stefanie Sun…

When the buying stops, the killing can too!


  1. Shark's fin should be banned in the first place! Sharks are beautiful creatures that deserve respect and awe.

  2. Hi Joycie, looks like I've got you on my side! Any others?

  3. I am the guy with the tattoos you saw at far east. I also object to the shark fin business, in fact if you study human anatomy the human stomach is designed to digest only vegetables and not meat.

  4. I just came back from swimming with sharks, and I'm still alive aren't I?

    Say NO to sharks fin you bloody stupid manjen people!

  5. hi chua! i didn't know that about the human stomach. i guess more fiber the better huh?

    hello felicia!! where did you go?

  6. hello noel!!

    I spent a blissful week in Perhentian!
    No computers, no fones, no nothing. Just the sun, sand and the sea...and great company! ;)

  7. hello felicia!

    Saw the pics on your multiply. Sure looks awesome!


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