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Emails, Tipping and Tattoos

Wow! Talk about a shit load of emails! I should have asked ya’ll to leave comments instead. Some sent multiple emails too. But it’s all good! A BIG thank you to all that sent their emails. But seriously, you guys should start using the comment function on this blog. Don’t be shy k. I don’t bite. Unless you want me to! Heh!

Going back to the emails, there will be a sequel to the ‘PSP? We had zero-point and spiders…’ next week. After which, we will all stop feeling old and we’ll continue with our mundane lives. Well, it’s still not too late to send in those emails…

On the subject of emails, there’s a new feature on this blog. You can now subscribe to my blog via email. How cool is that? Simply click on the ‘Subscribe to this Blog!’ link (located below the red RSS icon on the right) and you’ll be one step closer to receiving all my latest posts in your inbox.

As you may have noticed, I have shamelessly added a Tip Jar to my blog. I’ve always believed in tipping. What about you?

Tattoo enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Miami Ink returns tonight on Discovery Travel and Living Asia. The 3rd season sees a couple of changes in the show. Kat is no longer part of the crew. In case you didn’t already know, she has her own show called LA Ink. From what I hear, it’s pretty damn good! Along with Miami Ink and LA Ink, there’s also London Ink. London Ink is headed by Louis Malloy (David Beckham’s tattooist) and it’s about him managing 3 of the best tattooists in the United Kingdom. If this isn’t enough, there’s also a show called Inked. Inked is a television documentary about the employees of Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company located in Palms Casino, Las Vegas Nevada. It’s the first tattoo studio to open in a casino. These blokes recently opened another studio in Universal CityWalk (a part of Universal Studios Hollywood). Anyone interested in opening a studio at Marina Bay Sands or Resorts World?

To further plug the return of Season 3, here are a couple of interesting facts about Miami Ink…

1. The shop is co-owned by Ami James and Chris Núñez.

2. To be on the show, you’ll need to send in an application online. All applicants need to leave a US$100 deposit.

3. Like any tattoo studio, the shop does accept walk-in customers. Don’t expect to see the stars when you drop by though. Darren, Ami and Núñez come in either once or twice a week. They don’t take appointments so you’ve got to keep trying your luck if you wanna get inked by these guys.

4. Chris Garver is only at Miami Ink when they’re filming. Other than that, he’s based in Los Angeles and working at True Tattoo (he co-owns this studio).

5. The average cost of a tattoo at Miami Ink is US$150 per hour. Most countries outside Asia charge by the hour.

That’s about all the facts that I know about the show. I’m sure there’s heaps of stuff about the show online. Like the feud between Ami and Kat, guest artists, etc…I’m gonna enjoy my Sunday. Till the next post!


  1. amazing sundays

    check out the weblink

  2. hmmm...i looked at it and i'm a little lost. whats so interesting about foreign workers sleeping under a void deck? i've slept under a couple of void decks too. when i'm drunk that is...


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