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Dive Season starts now - Adventure Logistics

Hey all, I hope your Tuesday has gone well thus far. I’ve decided to use today’s post to plug a good friend’s business. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Adventure Logistics. Spearheaded by Don Tan, Adventure Logistics caters to every marine lover dream dive. Their dive locations include the beautiful island of Bali, Komodo Island, Redang and many more.

With 3500 dives under his belt, this adventure craving friend of mine knows the water like a botanist knows his flowers. 10 years in the industry has seen Don dive in the most exotic of locations. I for one have been envious of his diving trips. The closest I’ve got to these locations are the pictures that he has shared with me over the years.

Currently, Similan and Hin Huang/Hin Muang (Red & Purple Rock off Phi Phi Island) are up for single and group bookings. Hin Muang is known for marine life such as Manta Rays and Whale Sharks that have made the habitat their home. Packages for live-aboard trips to these locations are from SGD$770 onwards for 5 days and 4 nights. On a live-aboard trip, you'll be housed on a luxury vessel (picture on your left) during your stay. The luxury vessel is air-conditioned and will be your home above water. How cool is that?!

Being in weather crazy South-east Asia, you’ll be glad to know that there are dive locations to choose from all year round. So if you’re one that worries about the monsoon season, that’s one reason why you shouldn’t. To accommodate the growing number of divers that frequent Thailand, Adventure Logistics recently opened their branch in Phuket.

If all this talk about diving has gotten you interested in diving, Adventure Logistics conducts diving lessons too. Classes can be modified to suit your busy schedule or catered for single person classes. This should be good news for the ever busy Singaporean.

If you can’t swim like me, there are other packages that Adventure Logistics has to offer. Imagine dining at Jimbaran Bay in Bali with the sunset in the background or having a paint-ball war along the beaches of Phuket. There’s so much to do in South-east Asia and Adventure Logistics can plan your holiday for you while you sit back and anticipate the trip.

If you want to find out more about the trips and packages on offer, drop Don an email at or call him on his mobile at 9693 2798.


  1. i loved this post!

    the ocean and beaches. the life.

  2. Heheh you beat me to it, I was gonna prostitute his company as well...maybe later!

  3. sup shyanne! i truly get a sense of satisfaction whenever you like one of my posts. thanks babe!

    howdi neighbour! i didn't know you were gonna prostitute his company. cos if you did, he'll owe 2 people beer. not too late ya know...

  4. Yah, he sent me his dive schedules for the season so I thot I'd do him a favour too!
    But since u already did it, I'll give it a few more days! =D

    And yes, he'll owe us both beers..or whisky also can!

  5. to lounge lizard: nope...but i sure can drown!

    to neighbour: no whisky babe. i'm back to a 100% beer diet. anything else would screw up my system. maybe a little stout...

  6. Im talking about ME! Heheh I'm still a whiskywhore.

  7. now now...lets drink something mutual. a nice 6-pack of Tiger. how bout it?


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