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Vanessa Hudgens and more...

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My my...someone has been a very naughty girl! I've yet to watch an episode of High School Musical but I've got every reason now. Though young, Vanessa Hudgens is pretty hot. Most of us Asian-Caucasian mix are hot. Heh!

Seriously man, is there anything wrong with personal nude pictures and home made videos. I know this couple that tape every damn thing they do. I seriously mean everything. They've fucked in every corner of their house and almost every imaginable place. What can I say? They're enjoying themselves and I sometimes enjoy watching.

I reckon Vanessa Hudgens is a good girlfriend. Those pictures were meant for her boyfriend. She's the kinda girl that guys fantasize about. How many times have you asked your girlfriend if you could video her while she's giving you head? Or what about the ever popular MMS? Both of you are busy texting naughty stuff and you suggest that she sends you a naughty picture via MMS. Well, I for one prefer to use my Video Call function...Ain't nothing like a live streaming video baby!!

Before I lose my freaking mind, is up and running. Spread the word if ya'll are in a loving mood. If you're still keying in my old blog address, no worries cos you'll be redirected. For those that have linked me on their blog and websites, do swap my url when you have the chance.

I'm outta here folks. It's a Saturday and I'm thirsty. It's me Beer, Stout and Tequila day. CHEERS!!


  1. it's her. the censored picture was in today's New Paper...

    here's the link to Wikipedia...

  2. Neighbour, I believe High School Musical 1 & 2 are made-for-TV movies. No episode episode lar.

    But I could be wrong!

  3. The very least you could do is to post a link to the controversial picture (yes, the one of her in her birthday suit), you lazy piece of shit you!!!

    Now I've to Google Image Search it myself!

  4. Btw, does this mean that you have some home-made sex videos of you and Ant floating around somewhere?

    Hmm, looks like it's gonna a long time of Torrent searching...

  5. i'm gonna post a controversial picture tomorrow. it's of this dude that's wearing a pinafore. i think you know him!

    as for the videos, i've got a couple of my ex's. you want them? i'll mail them over. ant is camera shy la...


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