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Smoking isn’t cool!

If someone smokes because they think it’s cool, it means they have an inferior problem. I started smoking in my early teens because I thought it was cool. I always enjoyed looking at Slash from Guns N’ Roses with either a Gitanes or Marlboro Red cigarette dangling from his mouth while he plays his Gibson guitar. There’s no harm in saying that because teens are allowed to think such things.

Well, an article on got me thinking. Each time there is a press article about smoking, it seems lesser and lesser Singaporeans are lighting up. If that is the case, why do I still see so many people smoking? The only person I know that has quit smoking is Ant. Everywhere I go, I see a whole lot of people smoking.

I have been smoking for 16 years now. My first cigarette was a Dunhill. Back in the day, we could buy a stick at 20 cents per pop from any mama shop. It was a stick a day till secondary school came around. A group of us would share money and buy a 10-stick pack. It worked out to 2 sticks a person. My folks gave me a decent amount for pocket money. That money would be used for my daily pack of cigarettes and a bottle of e33. Mom, if you’re reading this….I LOVE YOU!

In all seriousness, I need to cut down my nicotine intake. I smoke an average of 30 sticks a day. I have a tobacco pipe at home which I use as well. If you add all that up, it probably amount to 40 sticks or so. I’m not worried about lung disease and other bullshit that doctors warn about. I’m more worried about the money. That’s hell lot of money going up in smoke. Funny but true!

I’m gonna cut down on my smokes. I don’t know how that’s gonna happen but I’ll try. Remember, I didn’t say I’ll quit. I’ve pledged my allegiance to Marlboro and it’s a sacred vow. Heh!

Alright, I need a smoke before lunch. And a stick right after. Enjoy your Saturday while I chow down on my Nasi Lemak from Changi Village!


  1. Cutting down will be very good for your health and wallet! Hopefully the wallet will gain some weight at the end of the day.

  2. Hey Joycie...i sure hope so. Only time will tell :)

  3. you know what's better than nasi lemak from changi village?

    ipoh hor fun from changi village (the stall on the left.)

  4. how different is ipoh hor fun to the traditional seafood hor fun?

  5. geez! that i've got to go all the way to changi from upper thomson...


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