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Bye M.S Hello Gardens!

One of my favourite makan joints in Singapore will soon make way for the Gardens by the Bay. This project by National Parks, looks set to occupy 54-hectare (approximately 72 soccer fields) of Marina South. This means, the Korean BBQ restaurants will have to go. I reckon they’ve got a couple more months before they close or move to another location.

My favourite among the BBQ joints is Chong Pang. Their food selection is always fresh and they’ve got excellent service.

On Tuesday, I attended a birthday celebration at Chong Pang. The food was good and meeting up with old friends was a blast. Needless to say, we drank a shit load of beer! I reckon we consumed 200 cans of Heineken at the least.

While we were drinking and partying, my tattoo artist Su told us a pretty interesting story. This fool that was working at my former work place, went over to her studio wanting to get inked. While he was there, he told her that he was my boss/manager and some other crap. The truth is, he was a part-time bartender at that time while serving his national service.

Now, he’s the Bar Supervisor of the Living Room @ Marriott. Don’t ask me how you get from part-timer to supervisor. This is the punk ass that was asking me not to leave because he couldn’t take the post without anyone watching his back. What a fucking joke! Anyhow, my message to this fool is, you’ll never have the credentials to be my boss. There’s no chance in hell that you’ll ever hold a post that’s higher than mine. That’s just how life works.

We’re heading out of the house to catch up with Energy. To end this post, here’s the pictures of our recent Marina South outing…Enjoy your Friday folks!


  1. First off, i never said i was your boss. in fact i told her that you were my manager. get your facts straight. Second,"you’ll never have the credentials to be my boss. There’s no chance in hell that you’ll ever hold a post that’s higher than mine. That’s just how life works."??!! What the fuck is that supposed to mean? And to think i thought of you as a friend.. Fyi, i'm doing well as bar sup. you on the other hand, you were so fucked up. Till now everyone talks of how screwed up you were.. How low can you go? Talking shit on your blog. i've always been straight with you and you wanna bitch on your blog? you got something to say to me, tell me to my face. You know where to find me. I'll wait.


  2. Right dude...right.
    well, i'm not gonna waste my time talking about this anymore. what's done is done. all the best for your bar career. cheers dude!

  3. And i seriously thought we were friends. I can't fuckin believe you would go so low.


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