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To say I’m pissed off is an understatement. It’s been more than 50 hours since was supposed to be up and running. The morons that are hosting the domain have been the least helpful. ENOM.COM sucks!!!

I’m wondering if it’s because my country of residence says SINGAPORE. Do these morons think that I live up in a tree and depend on coconuts for dinner? I’ll shove a coconut up their fucking ass! Or maybe they think that I’ll need to visit an Internet Café each time to check on my blog or send an email. Just to be sure that they don’t think that, I’m gonna send them an email every 2 minutes.

All I asked was for them to check if my Host Records listed below are correct…

host name address record type
@ A (address)
@ A (address)
@ A (address)
calendar CNAME (Alias)
docs CNAME (Alisa)
mail CNAME (Alias)
start CNAME (Alias)
www CNAME (Alias) CNAME (Alias)

If they can’t answer something so simple, they shouldn’t be in the business. I think I need to take a chill pill. I’ll be back later. Adios!

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  1. wassup! mighty glad you like my blog. i'll visit your blog in a bit. thanks for the vote :)


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