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It’s nice when a reader compliments that I’m authentic. This blog is made up of a couple essential ingredients. Honesty is one of them. As honest as I try to be, I do have to hold back sometimes. I’ve got lots to say about some friends/people. But…I rather reserve my comments then to hurt their low esteemed egos. If I despise a person, there ain’t no holding back. It’ll be a bitch slap session which this blog has seen before.

A big shoutout to WildChild! SuicideGirls.Com rocks! I’ve said this many times, chicks with tattoos are HOT. There are loads of smoking hot tattooed babes on that site and looking at them gives me a boner…Slurp!

What’s up with Cristiano Ronaldo? These footballers never seem to learn. Spending £3000 (SGD$9000) on 5 hookers is downright dumb. Maybe he wanted to impress newcomers Luis Nani and Oliveira Anderson but there had to be other options. Any bitch especially a skank, would do anything for fame. If you think that men who kiss and tell are bad, these bitches are a whole lot worse. Lesson learnt here...Never sleep with a bloody whore! Same rule applies to these sleep-around-for-money China students.

Are prostitutes that expensive in England? Probably explains why Caucasians go crazy when they’re in Asia. Prostitutes here are cheap. Yes I said it. CHEAP! I hear they even have 1-for-1 deals now.

My thanks to William for helping out with the URL issue. I’ll like to point out that William is from Singapore and is not connected with Goggle or Enom. I don’t know what he did but it worked! After all the emails sent to those two organizations, they’ve still not done shit!! Talk about service…

Alright…I’m outta here. Till the next post people!


  1. woot! wildchild!!!

    and i cannot believe my christiano needs to pay for sex man. wtf. seriously. with a face and bod like that?! somebody's gotta teach the boy some manners!

    besides, he could've just given me a call. pffft!

  2. woot woot!!

    something is really wrong with christiano. especially when he has an on-and-off hottie of a galfren! wanna sleep with christiano?


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