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What’s up with Malaysia?? My poor girl Gwen Stefani had to dress up and perform at the Putra Indoor Stadium. Reason? A protest by the 10,000 strong National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students. Gwen was accused of promiscuity. Geez!! Malaysia's Official Guide for performers says women must be covered from the top of the bosom to the knees. Jumping, shouting and the throwing of objects are barred, while performers may not hug, kiss or wear clothes with obscene or drug-related pictures or slogans. Double geez!!

Years ago, Malaysia had a law which banned male musicians with long hair from performing live. Not only did this apply to foreign talents like Michael Bolton and Kenny G, but also to their homegrown talents such as Amy Search and Awie. I think it’s silly that performers can’t be themselves. The organizers of a recent Pussycat Dolls concert was fined 10,000 ringgit because authorities ruled that the show was raunchy and revealing. Beyonce Knowles is scheduled to perform in Malaysia soon and has been told to cover up as well. What’s Beyonce with more clothes? Her poor boobies are gonna be covered up. Damn!

The folks from ODEX are gonna be laughing all the way to the bank.. For those that aren’t in the loop, here’s a rundown of the happenings of the happenings…
ODEX is taking legal action against anime enthusiasts who have illegally downloaded copies of video recordings licensed in their name. ODEX are seeking compensation of up to $5,000 from each of the alleged offenders. Having obtained 1,000-odd names of such anime enthusiasts from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) StarHub, more names are now being sought from ISP Pacific Internet. ODEX stands to gain a whopping $15 million from the lawsuits.
From my understanding, 3000 netcitizens are liable to be fined $3k to $5k. These are everyday Singaporeans like you and I. What sucks is the manner our ISP providers dealt with the freaking court order. They could have appealed but they conveniently chose not to. One ISP provider has come out TOPS. Kudos to Pacific Internet for refusing to reveal the names of their subscribers. District Judge Ernest Lau deserves a pat on the back as well. Good job mate!

The bottom line is this… If you download illegally, you’re gonna get caught. If you think about it, Piracy is stealing. You wouldn’t want someone stealing from you.

With that said, I’m gonna have my teh halia and finish my written assignment. Enjoy the weekend Singapore!!

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