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Ant is scheduled to post something real sweet later. This short story will move you and you’ll probably shed a tear or two. When I read it this morning, I went oh shit! So yeah, look out for it on Ant’s blog later today.

For those interested, the Hill’s Championship Cat Show 2007 is happening at the Singapore Expo from 10am to 5pm tomorrow. Entrance fee is at $3.50 per person.

You’ve probably read about the super rich throwing mega birthday bashes. These parties have the who of who’s attending and is without a doubt, grand to say the least. Prince Azim of Brunei recently celebrated his 25th birthday in the United Kingdom and it was a party that had millions of dollar signs painted all over…
  • Michael Jackson was paid US$10 million to mingle with the crowd. Yep, he didn’t perform.
  • R&B singer Monica was paid US$1 million to perform. Still remember her?
  • Soul legend Dionne Warwick was paid US$500,000 to sing.
The venue, food and décor alone cost a whopping US$4 million.

His 200 VIP guest list included celebs like Pamela Anderson, Jerry Hall, Olivia Newton-John, Faye Dunaway, Naomi Campbell, Michael Douglas and Kate Moss. Each guest received a gift bag (worth US$40,000) stuffed with diamond jewellery, top-end Bose electrical goods, iPods and 400 pound tubs of Creme De La Mer face creams.

Damn! I wanna marry a princess and have a huge ass party. My guests will include ding-dongs I don’t know and I’ll get the Pussycat Dolls and Fergie to perform LIVE. Guests will receive a goodie bag that contains a gold plated dildo, butt plug, a sculpture of my dick, a year’s supply of Carlsberg, the latest collection of Vivid videos and a whip!

I’m outta here! Peace out!!


  1. I believe a friend of mine was invited to that very party you mentioned.

    Ah, lifestyles of the rich and the famous.

  2. yea got that right neighbour! all i get invited for these days are 'get the birthday boy drunk' parties.

    i normally do my best to get drunk before most of the guests arrive. it gives me a chance to be a jackass and not remember a damn thing the next day...


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