We're moving...

The Tattooed Blog will be moving to a new home on the 1st of September. Voting for the new URL closed a couple days ago and 38% chose noelboyd.com followed by 19% choosing tattooedblog.com and 6% chose atattooedblog.com.

6 readers recommended the following URL’s…
• thompsonink
• tattootalk.com
• http://mybodyart.blogspot.com/ these oune
• tattoedblogger.com
• ketupat.com
• atattoedboyd.com

There you have it…from 1st September (2am Singapore time), Blogger will be moving my blog to noelboyd.com. Look out for a newly designed blog which will be neater and easier on the eyes. Certain features will be removed to give my blog personality and identity.

I hope you’re looking forward to the new blog as much as I am. I’m gonna enjoy this lazy Sunday. Ciaoz!!


  1. You didn't take up my suggestion of "Thompson Ink"?!?!

    You suck goats' balls!!!

  2. Personally I would have gone for 'www.thomsonink.com'. =)
    But perhaps I'm just biased? *doo di doo di doo*

  3. yah, and then you can start a TV show just like Miami Ink!


    :) hee.

  4. to lounge lizard and missbitchalot: i reckon i'll keep thomsonink.com free should i choose to open a tattoo shop one day.

    then again, i don't know how noelboyd.com will do...its giving me a bloody headache!!


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