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FINALLY someone left a comment on my blog! It’s been bugging me for a couple of days. What am I doing wrong? Are my posts boring? Did I piss my readers off? All these questions were popping through my alcohol wrecked brain. Thanks to Shyanne, I’ve got one comment after 4 freaking posts! I’ll figure this out…

What’s up with the media and the obsession with EPL players? It’s one thing to say that these players were out partying and having a good time. It’s another when they go full-swing and publish pictures of these players which are HUMAN after all, getting intimate with women. I might add that most of these players are married. Any guy that has been to China, Macau or Thailand would agree that most of the women you meet there are hot. That’s the only way to describe them. Hot!

Most men would indulge in a little hanky panky while on holiday. I’m not talking about the sweet loving holiday with your girlfriend. That’s a boring holiday with a capital B right from the start! The last time I was in Thailand, it was with my bitch of an ex-girlfriend. It was boring and I spent most of my time at the numerous pubs in Krabi. That’s where the trouble starts. Pubs = Alcohol = Women. Let’s just say I made full use of the holiday whenever she had a massage or manicure.

So yeah, do not believe any man that says he didn’t do anything during a holiday with his mates. It’s a load of bullshit. Even a saint would not be able to resist the women of Asia. Period! I do know of girls that have done the dirty while on holiday too. It's all in the name of good fun!

If you love Energy, this paragraph is for you. Not the stinking Taiwanese boyband, but the veterans of Singapore’s Rock! From next Monday, they’ll be playing at Brix (Hyatt Hotel) from 7pm to 9pm. And because it’s Happy Hour, drinks and food are at 50%. Good deal? Sounds good to me…

Fans of Sesame Street listen up!!! You can catch it on Playhouse Disney every night at 11pm. Just thought you might wanna know...

What’s up with the Spice Girls comeback tour? What’s there to comeback from? Back when I didn’t know right from ugly, I thought these girls were hot. I used to masturbate *erm…fantasize I mean* to images of Geri Halliwell. Sometimes Emma would pop into my head as well. Whenever Scary appears, it fucks everything up! Moving on…

Someone asked me recently what attracts me to a woman. I’m gonna be as honest as I can and hopefully I do not offend anyone. The first thing I look at is a woman’s chest. Wherever I go, I’m looking at chests. All day and all night. Even if I know a girl for some time, I’ll still be checking out her chest. Call me a boob fanatic if you want! God was a freaking genius when he created boobies. *slurp*

Next up would be her eyes. A person’s eyes is the window to their soul and you can read a person just by looking into them. There you have it…Boobs and eyes attract me to a woman!

Here’s something I’ve always believed in. And hopefully you do too. Tattoos last for a lifetime and one should not compromise the quality for money. Work from the best artists would never come cheap. After all, you would want to show off your tattoo rather than hide it right? Tattoo artists get requests for cover-ups everyday. Will you be one of them?

On the subject of tattoos, Singapore is having it’s first Tattoo Showcase @ Sentosa on Saturday. Skin: Intimate Canvas starts at 5pm and will be held at KM8. It’s a big step for our tattoo community considering the fact that this event is organized by the National Arts Council. You don’t have to be tattooed to attend this event. If you appreciate the art or want to support our community, come on down! See ya’ll there!!

I’m gonna end this post with this new weekly feature. Take care and have an awesome Wednesday!


If you want your tattoo to appear on this blog, email me at and do include your name and a brief description of your tattoo. You may wish to include your country and other relevant information - The Tattooed Blogger.


  1. alrite, that's it! i'm cancelling these tickets to maldives right this moment! and if we do go on holiday ever, i ain't goin for no massages or manicure!!! grrr...

    and oh yeah, thanks for sesame street, sweetheart!

    *la la la la la la la la elmo's worldddddddd*

  2. well .. tattoos are our pride bro ! u know we love tattoos one way or the other ... bravo ! that u brought up the subject about it !!!

  3. maldives? i rather go to Hawaii. I promise to be good from 7am to 11pm. heh! there's other things for women to do other than massages and manicures.! that's what the fool did in thailand too.

    to eddy@thailand: you said that right. we are proud to be tattooed!! are you going for the event this saturday?

  4. there is no shame in shopping in thailand ok! not doing so would be sin! and i know ant would probably agree. teehee! (;

    and btw, i would've commented if your entries weren't mostly about girls. i missed your longer opinionated entries. but that's just me.

    mine's not nearly as exciting as yours. it's been rather stagnant, personal and uninteresting and you probably wouldn't get it seeing as you don't really know me. but it's if you're ever interested.

  5. Wassup Shyanne! I love shopping in Thailand too. I was just being an ass! And...don't get on Ant's side!!!

    I'll try not to blog about girls so much. It's gonna be hard but I'm strong. haha...And yea, I've been busy rebuilding this blog and coming up with new ideas. I'll be blogging like how I used to. With my frank opinions and all...

    Hell yeah i'm interested! Why wouldn't I be? I'll check out your blog. It'll give me a chance to know you in a way. Do you mind if I list your blog on mine?

  6. Noel Desmond Boyd. even if i do engage in other activities while on a (quote) BORING sweet loving holiday (unquote) with you, like "shopping", you're gonna have to come along're gonna be paying for all of it! hah!
    and btw, what makes you think i ain't one of them (again, quote) girls that have done the dirty while on holiday too (unquote), huh? hahahaaa...

    two can play the game right sayang? hee!

    *runs and hides under quilt*

    ok ok joking. tsk.

  7. Shyanne, darling, i definitely AGREE!! next time i go to thailand i'm gonna make sure i buy the whole country!

    i discovered your blog thru your facebook profile actually, and have been religiously reading it since. :) its nowhere near stagnant and uninteresting, babes! no way! and oh yeah, you write really good poems too! i loved reading them.

    think you'll be going thru a hard time now, with Norway happening. hang in there, yeah? *hugs*

    i'm gonna list you on mine, ok?


  8. hey hey hey (i meant this the exact way that woman on ellen said it but i don't know if anyone gets it)

    sure, link me up. i'm linking ya'll.

  9. to ant: fine!! may the games begin! you can run but you can't hide...

    to shyanne: i see someone like Ellen too. heh!

  10. ok ok, chope twist in the pocket, ok? *pouts*

    nah, give you my strawberry pocky. peace offering. i give you FOUR! :)

  11. Eh, snuffles, the tatto event free one or not? Gotch free transport in or not?

    I'm Singaporean. I want things free and goot!

  12. stop calling snuffles!! i'll shove my trunk up your ass!!

    of course the tattoo event is free. wanna know wat else is free? drinks for the 1st 200!! the free transport only applies if you're walking in or if you're in the boot of a car! hehe...

    must come k...we'll be good company and we'll all check out girls *slurp*

    did i mention we'll be there at 3pm? we're gonna stroll down the beach. may the fat east boys unite!!

  13. ahem.
    *raises eyebrow like the rock and taps foot repeatedly*

  14. Muahahahah FAT EAST BOYS!

    Don't talk about my neighbour like that! So rude.

  15. damn...another bloody typo! u guys know what i meant...FAR EAST BOYS!!!

  16. Anyway, forgot to mention this. I think that Energy playing in Brix is such a waste. And Happy Hour somemore. I hope they get some good gigs soon.

  17. alright..sounds good. call k....

    why is it a waste? it gives them more time to do stuff they like and for people whom love energy like myself, its a hell lot cheaper to watch them during happy hour.


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