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cookies and marriage

After yesterday’s post about what I find attractive in a women, I wondered what my future wife will be like. Like a little boy, I began imagining every possible scenario. I’ll like to add that sex didn’t cross my mind. Alright…maybe once but that’s about it. I must say that it was pretty nice. We all have our preferences in life and sometimes they’re a little silly. The following is my assessment on what I want in my future wife.

The Clown: She has to have a wacky sense of humour. I’m full of crap and I get a little crazy sometimes. Its rare that I’ll indulge in a serious conversation. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same.

Ink: I’m sure most of you saw this coming. It’ll be awesome if she’s tattooed. Not a tiny little tatt but something more than that. Then again, she doesn’t have to be a walking canvas to be my wife. It’ll be beautiful enough if she accepts her husband the way he is and can see her heavily tattooed husband picking the kids up from school. This girl that I was seeing for a couple of years, was always afraid of what the teachers might think and even worse, how our children’s classmates would react. That hurt like a fucking bitch man…

Religion: I doubt religion matters. As long as she doesn’t attempt to talk me into a religion. I am who I am and that will never change. I’m in between two religions as we speak. Catholicism and Buddhism. God didn’t say that we can’t have two religions.

Kids: I want children of my own, two at the very least. She has to want to have kids. If she doesn’t, we’ll adopt. Either way, I want to have my own little Boyd’s.

I’m not asking for much right?. I’ve accepted the fact that people aren’t perfect for each other. But we can work together to make things right. That’s how life is. If you give up, you’ve headed for a divorce. Couples need to work together. If two work equally hard, the future will look bright.

Let’s talk about the once taboo word Divorce. Way too many people are headed that direction. Everywhere you turn, you hear that word. There’s not a single family gathering where that word isn’t mentioned. So…I’ve got a brilliant idea that I wanna share with you. This idea would apply mainly to clubs and restaurants. And that idea is…*drum roll please* “A Divorce Party Package”.

A divorce is a new start for those involved and it should be a day where that person celebrates a closing of a certain chapter. A chapter that probably lasted months or even years. Restaurants can provide a private corner where the party can be held. Inviting only the people you love, you’ll dine and celebrate a new beginning in your own space.

The recent WWE SmackDown and ECW Summerslam Tour was awesome. So what if some of the stars didn't wrestle. It's been way too long since they visited sunny Singapore. When will Raw ever visit us? There's so many wrestlers on that roster that I admire. I couldn't take many pictures with my screwed up camera. However, my brother Leon has awesome pictures that will impress any wrestling fan. I love his camera!!! To check out these pictures, click here.

Earlier this morning, my folks brought 3 of our cats to the SPCA. In a way, I reckon we made the right decision. I won’t allow my dad to get attacked from a feline that doesn’t want to be tamed. The thing that bugs me is what the SPCA is gonna do to them. Are they gonna put them down? Cos if they do, that would suck! We really did try to tame them. For the record, we didn’t bring them home. They were born on our roof and snuck in through one of the ceiling beams. The only consolation are the 3 remaining darlings..

If you guys are thinking of ordering in lunch, grab that phone and order the Cheesy Bites Fondue from Pizza Hut. It’s absolutely yummy!!

Tomorrow’s post is gonna be about the destruction of wars and about a certain local TV show. Also, look out for my Hottie of the Week.. Till then, take good care and I'll leave you with this...

You Are Cookie Monster

Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.

You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around.

You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking

How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!"


  1. hmmm. i'm surprised you didn't include looks, correction, BIG BOOBS in your list of requirements. phew. heh.

    you're right abt religion tho, sweetheart. pple got to stop fretting over it, and quit thinking that two people have to be of the same faith for them to be united. what happened to accepting a person for what he or she is and what happened to not forcing a person to change?

    i don't think that when god created love as an emotion he dictated that love should be restricted to within our respective faiths. ultimately, what does it matter? we have a right to our own beliefs and principles, even choice of religion, so who's to say which is better? all religion teaches us to be good anyway. as it is, i'm on my way towards deism. i'm awed by its teachings somehow.

    if i do marry out of my faith i will nvr dream of talking my FH into my religion and i sure hope he won't try to talk me into his either. (and i'm not just saying this cos we're together) :)
    and my kids, will be brought up as "proper human beings" first above anything else. i believe religion is entirely up to them to select which, once they're of age.

    my god, so loooong my comment!
    me shut up now.

  2. I just wanna meet a girl who is like a cross between Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba.

    Am I asking for too much?

  3. i agree with missbitchalot...marriage seems like a big fat joke these days.

    to lounge lizard, i want a cross between jessica alba and brittany daniels!! brittany is sooooo hot!!

  4. actually i was surprised he didn't add big badangdangs either ant!

    and i don't know how you just went from describing your future wife to wwe. hahahahahaha...

  5. it doesn't have to be big. sometimes small is good too. some women with the smallest of boobies, carry themselves so well that it doesn't matter.

    then there are women with huge badangdangs that refuse to flaunt what they have.

    i reckon the wwe is just like my wife. for some guys, soccer comes first. its wrestling for me. i'm not into soccer in any way. unless the singapore national team is playing....


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