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Skin: Intimate Canvas Pics

The first ever tattoo event in Singapore was a success. Plans are underway for a bigger and better show next year. We’ll probably see more shops involved and hopefully a bigger turnout.

Needless to say, we got drunk in the usual Far East style. With my girlfriend stealing a pineapple from Vivocity to Vik going crazy in the monorail to the food fight at Newton. It was a night to remember! I love you guys and thanks for bringing back so many good memories.

For those of you that couldn’t make it yesterday, here are a couple of snapshots from the event…

To view more pictures, click here.

I'm gonna nurse my hangover. Have a good Sunday and god bless...


  1. couldn't make it for the event, but looks like ya'll had a crazy time.

    i want to hear the pineapple story!

  2. hmm...ant was being chased by my friend. she ran into Food Republic (which was closed by the way) and came running out with the pineapple.

    from the escalator on the 5th floor to the entrance, this naughty girl was showing off her stolen fruit.

    when we got to the outside, it was madness. they were throwing the pineapple on the floor and eating the damn fruit off the floor. madness!!

    i'll never bring her out again!!

  3. now, i need to defend myself with my side of the story!!!

    his fren vik was terrorising and whacking me with a blardee rolled-up poster, and i ran into food republic in search of a weapon to defend myself and maybe have something to hit him back with...and the next thing i knew i saw these pineapples just SITTING there! and so i grabbed one in the spur of the moment!

    they were decoration! they were NOT some poor china man's food ingredients! stop making me feel bad!

    but it was good fun. i almost peed in my skirt laughing. and then we ran from the crime scene, because we were scared the police would come and get us.

  4. hahahaha, the adventures of bonnie and clyde! (;

  5. I pity the pineapple. what did he ever do to deserve such a fate...

  6. hahaha...i pity the people that witnessed the havoc we created. i'll never look at the monorail the same way again....

  7. THE PINEAPPLE WAS ASKING FOR IT!!! just sitting there not doing anything. hmph!

  8. ya ya...blame the pineapple. poor innocent fruit was minding its own business. only to be savaged...


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