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Blues Anyone?

Hey all…how’s Monday treating you? I used to hate Mondays till Star World kicked off their comedy night. With Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, That ‘70s Show and Yes Dear, what’s there not to love? With the addition of Criminal Minds and re-runs of Heroes, Monday has never looked so good!!!

I reckon Mondays are just an excuse for some people to say that work sucks and they’re sick of paper work. How many people do you know that are happy with their job? The sad truth is that only a handful of people are truly contented with what they are doing. When I love my job, I can work for 20 hours a day and I won’t complain. Take for example my zoo days. For 6 months, I worked everyday without a day off. Not because they didn’t give me one but because I loved my primates too much to be away from them.

When I did events, there were days when we would work 24 hours without a break. It didn’t matter as long as the event was a success. It’s not about commitment but more to loving what you do. This is one of the reasons I left Bar None. Aside from the health reasons of course. It’s weird how I can’t hold my alcohol anymore. 2 jugs of beer is enough to get me drunk. It’s true! Ask Ant or my family and they’ll tell you the same. Maybe it’s my body being a bitch after all the alcohol I consumed over the last 8 months.

Without a doubt, the bar was a wonderful place to work, learn and meet people. The staff were a blast to work with and I dare say that I have never seen a workplace with team spirit like Bar None. That’s something money can’t buy. I have no beef with anyone from that organization. Ok, except for one individual…But it doesn’t matter anymore. All I hope is that I’ll find something I love real soon!

There’s a website that I hope you will take time off to visit. Being a Monday and you’re probably sick of work and all, copy and paste this url - - and you’ll be well on the way to understanding what these animals (we're talking about bears, cats, dogs and many other wildlife that call Asia their home) are going through and what’s been done to protect them. Based in Hong Kong, they are doing a remarkable job in the awareness department and it’s through blogs like mine *ahem*, a couple hundred more web savvy people like you will find out about them. If you do have children or even nephews and cousins, now is the best time to educate them on the importance of conservation. Schools in Singapore need to start educating the young ASAP. Someone get M.O.E on the line now!!

Sure looks like a Tattooed Blog t-shirt is well on the way. My friends at Beach Road have agreed to print a couple of t-shirts F.O.C and hopefully sell them one day. We’ve come up with a couple of slogans for the design *really cool stuff* and Ant will play a huge part in the designing department. In case you don’t already know, Ant designed the banner for this blog. I couldn’t have done such a fine job even if you gave me a hundred years.

What I can do is end this post and prepare lunch for my pineapple stealing monkey. Hang in there and don’t you let the Monday Blues bother you too much. I’m outta here…Ciaoz!


  1. hey noel!
    bz blogging ic. wow! how i envy u.i c tat u've linked me as the
    anw,tc & hope to hear frm u ;).

  2. to shyanne: haha...i think you're right!!

    to ratnah: i've been putting my heart and soul into this blog. why do you envy me? hmm...would you want me to change your listing? i reckon i should change it to madam ratnah...

  3. only if you give me your ass! i'll say please too...


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