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Is it me or does it feel like December? It’s been raining almost everyday for the past month or so. Unlike many other parts of the world that experience snow during the last month of the year, we in Southeast Asia get a hell lot of rain.

Rainy days like today are perfect for staying indoors and snuggling under the covers. Rainy days are also perfect for romantic sex. I reckon sex and rain go hand in hand. Well, if you don’t have anyone to have sex with, one of the suggestions below might come in handy!

Things you can do on a wet and rainy day…

Play a Board Game - When was the last time you played a good game of chess or checkers. There are so many options for this one you could probably fill every rainy day (scrabble, monopoly, operation, risk, clue… there’s too many to list)

Read a Good Book- a pastime that never gets old. Lose yourself in a book by your favorite author and it will be sunny before you know it.

Bake some Cookies - Nothing smells better than a house filled with the smell of baking cookies. Plus they’re fun to eat when they’re finished.

Eat Some Ice Cream - nothing makes you feel better when you’re down than ice cream. So if the rain is getting to you, give this a try.

Call a Friend – finding time to catch up with old friends can be hard sometimes. Take advantage of being grounded indoors and make the call.

Watch a Good Movie - rent a new movie or watch HBO/Star Movies or watch movies online, this is definitely a good way to pass the time.

Create a Scrapbook - Do you have hundreds of pictures just lying around the house? Organize them into a scrapbook or photo album. You’ll be able to show your friends next time they come over.

Read a certain someone’s Blog – There’s over 200 odd posts on my blog which I’m sure will occupy you till the rain stops. So…grab that cup of hot cocoa and read your way into my life.

There you have it folks! Things to do on a lovely rainy day. I’m signing off. Till the next post…

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